Working with an Intuitive professional energetic worker is no longer a luxury.

Unprecedented times; the world is changing and filled with chaos and fear. As the old sages say, one must Be, Feel and Think different from the masses. The governments may try to restrict our liberties but we must choose to remain powerful in our personal freedom.

Thriving in the new days ahead will be the ones embracing their own sixth sense with commitment to alignment of personal energetics. This world is accelerating at a different pace. Enormous energetic shifts will continue on this planet over the next several years. Those making decisions today to take on their energetics will insure they are not left behind. Those who avoid will realize when it is too late.

Warrior Spirit Of Cycle Breaker

Generational trauma and past live patterns is one of the bravest undertaking one can do with the greatest amount of reward. This type of deep healing and energetic grid work should be approached with experienced professionals only. Shaylene has been trained by one of the top master teachers in the field. 

Flow of Peaceful Living

Countless clients have desired to learn the quickest ways to release stress, doubt and fear. Alleviate disruptive and often painful internal conversations. Reclaim joy, happiness and abundance in all areas of life. Become in flow and be in grace with spirit.

This doesn’t just happen by chance. Flow of peaceful living comes from investing time, effort and energy to make a mindfulness shift. Peaceful living does not mean without challenge. Success and navigating the road to peaceful living becomes easier when intuitive guidance systems our working at optimal capacity. Peaceful living begins upon release of disempowered emotional states that inhibit being ones best.

Personal guidance and mentoring through one-on-one sessions

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