Energy Healing Fusion (mix modality)

Reintegrating spirit into ever cell bringing healing through many energetic levels and spiritual planes.

All the hectic, manic stress energy begins to calm in the presence of spirit. Mind chatter slows and a peaceful, loving energy comes over entire being like many have never felt. Angels and spirits surround and begin their work moving energy through all the chakras, energy bodies and through every organ, body system and fiber of the total being from this and past lives.

Reaching for heights of the highest vibration a space is entered with great possibility of visionary experiences or dreams of loved ones. With spirit directing each session personally for each person; all are unique experiences. Some may calm fiery emotions and some may receive a burst of fire. Some may be given the gift of remembering the power of a giggle and some may gain discernment.

$127 30 minutes
$197 60 minutes

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