Clairvoyant Sessions

Profound insights and clarity are found in her intuitive reading, tarot, medium style readings and Life changing shifts occur with her style of Shamanic Violet Flame Transmutation Meditation and high vibration healing. 

With the wisdom of spirit and viewing the energetics of your auric field, readings are opportunities to bring value, clarity and empowerment to all areas of life. This is not like calling a psychic hotline or going to an event to be amazed with party tricks.

Sessions offer general guidance, spiritual wisdom coaching and opportunities to discover ways to align with your soul and true source of your own power.

Many find navigating life with professional guidance can be a key ingredient to a healthy, energetic and full life. Many clients have said they have discovered readings bring:

  • Clear steps to strengthen present opportunities, heal the past and create the best possible future.
  • Helpful insights and healing during major life events. Such as, loss of loved one, job changes and major life decisions.
  • In a simple way calmed, centered and grounded hectic energy, when felt like the merry-go-round was never going to stop. 
  • Came feeling unbalanced, depleted of any energy and unable to see the forest for the trees and left feeling “Reclaimed self and Life Purpose”.
  • Clarity and plan of implementing strategies.
  • Insights into current situations or past events that may be in the way of optimal results.

Investing in yourself and your future is one of the greatest gifts one can give to themselves.

What commonly hear from clients “I had tried what I thought was everything. Every type of therapist you can imagine. Medications. The Priest, The Minister. I’ve spend a fortune. A lifetime. None of these things worked. I was resolved to this is just the way it is. This is how my life will be. Surrender to what is. Then I came here. I had no idea how different my life could be. I had no idea how different I could feel.

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